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Something to think and pray about this week

Faith as a ‘Yes’ to God’s love for us

Faith is our human ‘yes’ in response to God’s divine ‘yes’ – just like a child’s smile is a reply to its mother’s. God gives his ‘yes’ first and faith is our ‘yes’ in answer to his initial ‘yes’. The ‘yes’ of God is so massive we cannot imagine its vastness. God’s ‘yes’ is utterly reliable and complete beyond any human completeness. Ours is hesitant, fluctuating and incomplete. God’s ‘yes’ is huge while ours is small. God’s ‘yes’ is eternal and stable while our ‘yes’ flickers on and off. God’s ‘yes’ is embodied in Jesus, while ours often lacks bite and reality. But as we grow spiritually, we hope that we can live our ‘yes’ more and more out of God’s strength.

Mary’s ‘yes’ was strong with God’s strength. After all, while the prospect of motherhood is daunting on its’ own, the prospect of being the mother of God is completely overwhelming. Although Mary was a human being as we are, her ‘yes’ nevertheless mirrored God’s in a way that no one else has ever managed to do. That’s because her ‘yes’ was filled with grace. She knew she was loved infinitely by God, and this gave her a joy that was strong enough to withstand anything that came her way.

Excerpted from Smile of Joy: Mary of Nazareth